Call for Participation & Key Dates

Key Dates

  • Position papers due – June 18th
  • Author Notifications – June 25th
  • Camera-Ready Papers due – July 1st
  • Workshop Day 1 (Panels & Discussion) – July 7th
  • Workshop Day 2 (Design Sprint & Showcase) – July 8th

Our formal Call for Participation to actively participate in the workshop is shared below. We know many colleagues will be stretched at this disorienting time, and that this is a relatively short deadline. However, we felt maintaining a lightweight paper process would be valuable for participants seeking to share their research, and would help us considerably in curating the workshop. A strong part of our motivation in organising this workshop was to develop a broad and inclusive research community around this topic. We would like to emphasise therefore that these need only be short position papers, and can be limited to presenting a single compelling scenario of financial technology use (or non-use) and a short biography of your research and interests in the area. Papers will be non-archival, however will be published through this website for dissemination ahead of the workshop.

Call for Participation: DIS 2020 Remote Workshop on Designing Futures of Money and FinTech

This DIS 2020 workshop will address urgent and exciting challenges in designing futures of money and FinTech. In light of increasing cashlessness, platform economies, open banking APIs, and cryptocurrencies, money is on the move – once inert, money is gaining agency, becoming programmable, automated, data-driven and part of ‘more than human’ infrastructures.

This workshop seeks to highlight and cultivate the role for design research in the domains of finance, money and economy. We aim to articulate an interdisciplinary research agenda and design space responding to four broad design challenges:

  • Designing with Transactional Data
  • Designing Alternative Representations of Value
  • Money, Automation, Power, and Control
  • Financial Futures with Vulnerable Users

We invite position papers that offer one or more brief stories, scenarios, vignettes or design fiction narratives of financial technology use (or non-use). These scenarios may be based on field research, probes, prototypes, installations, speculations, industry case studies, or even personal or anecdotal experience, but should highlight a design opportunity or challenge related to the themes above. We welcome creative and pictorial responses, and the organisation team will judge position papers on their relevance, and likelihood to spark discussion during the workshop. Importantly, we welcome researchers who have not yet worked closely on FinTech and money, but who are interested in doing so. Submissions should also include a brief (max 200-word bio) for researchers intending to attend the workshop.

Submission is now closed, see the submitted Papers and Panels.

The workshop will take place virtually over 2 days (July 7th & July 8th), accommodating varying timezones and levels of participation as far as possible. There are no registration fees.

For any inquiries, please reach out to Chris directly: celsden [at] ed [dot] ac [dot]