Chris Elsden is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. His empirical and design-led research addresses future experiences of datafication, metrics and most recently FinTech and blockchain technologies, and has led to a wide range of publications at design and HCI venues. He has previously led the organization of three successful CHI workshops, ‘Beyond Personal Informatics’ (CHI 2015), ‘Quantified Data and Social Relationships’ (CHI 2017), and ‘HCI for Blockchain’ (CHI 2018).


Tom Feltwell is a Senior Research Software Engineer in OpenLab, Newcastle University. Tom’s work examines the power dimensions of digital technology and how its design encourages and inhibits different behaviors. Recently he has focused on engagement with socio-political topics online, and has relatedly examined the use of financial automation to enact deeply personal activities. Tom previously organized the CHI 2018 workshop “Grand Visions for Post-Capitalist HCI”.


Belén Barros Pena was a user experience practitioner for over 10 years until 2017, when she started a PhD at the School of Design at Northumbria University. Belén’s research explores what can be learnt about the design of financial technologies from groups who have been systematically excluded from its production process, in close collaboration with industry and third sector partners. Recently, she has worked with older adults in partnership with the University of the 3rd Age; and with people living with mental health conditions in collaboration with a London-based startup.


Bettina Nissen is a Lecturer in Interaction Design and researcher in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. She has a background in product and interaction design with her practice-based research focusing on engaging audiences with data and complex technological concepts through tangible and playful makings. Bettina has recently worked on a series of RCUK-funded research projects spanning topics of trust and consent in pervasive environments (PACTMAN) and the future of currency and value(s) (After Money). She also led the organisation of the DIS 2017 workshop on ‘New Value Transactions’.


Inte Gloerich is a researcher and project coordinator the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She holds an MA in New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam. Her work involves the politics, artistic imaginations, and (counter)cultures around digital technology, digital economy, and online identity. She co-edited MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype and organises the MoneyLab conference series.


Chris Speed is Chair of Design Informatics and Co-Director for the Centre for Design Informatics, at the University of Edinburgh. Chris leads UK research council funded projects that investigate the social and economic implications of the design and application of financial and blockchain technologies with partners that include Oxfam, Royal Bank of Scotland and the New Economics Foundation. The Centre for Design Informatics has pioneered the design of workshops, services, products, and experiences to explore FinTech and blockchain technologies.


John Vines is Professor of Design at Northumbria University, and specialises in participatory approaches to designing technologies and the study of participatory technologies in communities. Leading the CoCreate research group, John’s research cuts across several topics, including technology design for later life, social care, personal and community health, civic engagement and financial inclusion. He is working on several projects involving the participatory design and application of financial technology in civic contexts.